Everything Would Have Been the Same

I missed the BilBolBul festival this year because of the snow. I was in my candlelit home, one of the most industrialized and polluted areas of the world and we still have blackouts, while everyone in Bologna was having a lot of fun apparently.

So now I’m trying to catch up with some of the exhibitions.

I wasn’t sure about Jason, expressionless Norwegian anthropomorphic animals, you know, it does sound a little distressing, at least to me. But eventually I found Everything Would Have Been the Same genuinely interesting, challenging and even cosy.

First of all there’s a couple of fantastic stories, this one in particular.


This is exactly what happens to me when I’m watching a boring movie or reading a tedious book or carrying out some pathetic daily routine. I always image a starship is coming.

I was also delighted to notice that the installation caters especially to those like me who like feeling welcome. There’s a couch in a corner, from where you can take your time and watch tv, look in the mirror, at the kitchen, keep an eye on the dinosaurs and also consider both the gun in the other corner and the hanging rope on the table.



Coming next Camille Jourdy.