What Would Brian Boitano Do

So what do you do after ten days of flu, an unexpected knee injury and a flawed short program? But of course you down some painkillers, take the ice and land all of your jumps.

Yuzuru Hanyu may be a beautiful, otherworldly skater, but mostly he’s a tough guy.

Then there’s Kevin Reynolds from North Van. Oh I like him. It’s a pity his jumps tend to be under-rotated.
Happy for Fernandez and Ten. Delighted with Mao Asada and Carolina Kostner. Very impressed by lovely Zijun Li.

Remember the old scoring system? I don’t miss it a bit. But just for this time, forget about the specialists and the GOE and the levels, Yu Na Kim was a 6.0, plain as that.

As for pairs and ice dance, Italy can count itself lucky to have such good athletes, and the world can count itself lucky to have Davies and White, but my eyes were all for Virtue, Scott Moir and their reckless Carmen.