Fashion Statements

The only colleague who could recognize my Joy Division t-shirt has resigned. Also skulls are no longer in fashion here so I can’t indulge in the pleasure of telling fake skull scarves from genuine ones anymore.

A recap of The Unknown Pleasures Experiment here.

I needed a new fashion project so I started wearing my Crieff Bobsleigh Team t-shirt today. It’s obscure, it’s organic and no one dares to ask.


I’ve not made peace with the Cabin Pressure cliffhanger, mind you. I’m still livid. I wear the t-shirt to declare my solidarity with Martin who was forced into a no-win situation. And I would wear a Start-of-the-London-Marathon t-shirt to show Douglas I’m sorry he’s been made powerless for the sake of a cliffhanger.

I will admit that it could be worse though, I could be a Downton Abbey fan after the Christmas special.