Spoilerfree Setlock

I was dying to spill the Setlock spoilers yesterday but everyone would run away screaming “aaaahhh the spoiler monster”. So I went to lunch with with P. in a nice trattoria and after she had downed the second glass of local red wine I checked her eyes and they were shining a little bit so out of the blue I asked her “are you totally sure you don’t want to know any Setlock spoiler, not even the minor ones?” and she replied “oh the hell with it, go ahead”. So I told her about the youknowhat being set on fire, although I didn’t tell her about youknowwho (supposedly) playing youknowho, for fear that she would hate me as soon as she had sobered up. Today we ate at the plain canteen so I had to refrain from mentioning youknowwho (with his new youknowwhat) hitting youknowwho’s youknowhat.

It’s going to be a long year.