A380 Großes Strandlaken

I have mixed feelings about the A380. A big new plane is always cool, but that’s if you’re flying it, or if you’re paid as a crew member, if you’re sitting in First or Business, or at least in Economy Plus.

While a bigger economy class basically means more people crammed together. More stupid black trolleys hitting your head during boarding. More fat passengers overflowing from the next seats. More tall, restless passengers shaking the seat in front of yours. More scared people whining because of a little turbulence. More Italian kids screaming and gesticulating for hours and hours. More claustrophobic people freaking out because you accidentally touched them in the galley during the thirteenth hour of flight (that’s me). Greyer blankets. Dirtier toilets.

Oh I do miss being airborne.

Towel day is approaching and my Lufhansa A380 beach towel has just arrived.
I like it. And so would Martin Crieff.