Forget the Demure Tankini


Watching a well constructed, consistent movie where a character falls into a spiral of violence is always kind of rewarding, it helps making sense of the confused frustration of everyday life.

Korine’s film is rather good. The robbery scene especially, where Cotty’s car follows the action from the outside of the diner like a dolly camera or, conversely, the dolly camera follows the action from the outside of the diner like Cotty’s car. Also parking lot scenes were interesting, parking lots seem to be the places for introspection in this film.

In general the depiction of idiotic youths performing shallow rites of passage with their stunning bodies and stunned minds was satisfactory, both aesthetically and semantically. Baudrillard would have liked all those simulacra in beachwear.

All that said, I was quite bored. How many times, as a viewer, have I been through the spiral of violence? Dozens, maybe hundreds of times. Kind of rewarding and satisfactory is not enough for me, not any longer. I want to meet a human being. That’s the point after all, meeting human beings, and as soon as you meet one, a terrified Faith, a wounded Cotty, a resolute Alien, they are promptly removed from the film and we’re stranded with the subhumans.