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Top of the Lake starts big with the pilot, then takes its time in episode two, three and four, becomes interesting in episode five, peaks in episode six, keeps most of its promises in episode seven.

Kids are good eggs, before they get corrupted by adults to become like them.
Some die in the process. Some get damaged. Adults are basically vampires.

Is it a way to idealize our youth? Were we better people as teenagers than we are now?
And anyway, if you’re damaged, how do you come to terms with the vampires? How do you talk to them? How do you remain alive?

First was Clarice Starling, then came Dana Scully. We’ve know Robin Griffin for a while. It’s good to meet her. It’s good to run, it’s good to be pointing a gun. It’s good to be back to the Pacific rain forest.

It’s Brollywood baby, only at the other side of the International Date Like.