Small Scale Gardening

It’s Chelsea Flower Show week and the London Tube has come up with lovely 100th anniversary merchandise and posters. ChelseaFlowerShowTubePosterChelseaFlowerShowPoster

On a very humble scale, a lot is happening on my balcony too. I’m growing herbs, salad and cranberries (for me), catnip and rye-grass (for the cat). I have four mason bee houses now, all fully occupied, one log which was supposed to become a scratchpost but gets ignored so it’s only decoration now, plus some flowers, plus
one oak tree which is spouting from an acorn that magically appeared in the salad box last autumn (a jay must have planted it).

I don’t encourage birds to visit the balcony because of the cat, I don’t really want to get the full food chain here. The birds (chaffinches especially) are catered for on the other side of the apartement, I have a Born in Sweden feeder on a window the cat has no access to.


Following the success of growing edibles and keeping bees (although mason bees are not actually kept, they are and remain wild, I just provide habitat), my next balcony project is a rain garden. 2012 was horribly dry, while this year we’re having rainfall excess. It’s more than clear that the weather is changing dramatically so we must learn to cope. A rain garden would allow water to be collected on my balcony to slowly water my plants, without running off directly on the neighbourgh’s balcony below.

This is a nice rain garden leaflet you can get from the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (here something in Italian), while this is a clever rain catching system for a balcony in Australia.