Make Way for the Ducklings

What’s better than a wingful of goslings to celebrate my long-lasting love for Canada geese?


This photo was taken last week at the WWT in Barnes, which didn’t exist fifteen years ago while I was living in Hammersmith but is now a very busy wetland, following a remarkable conservation project.

As for garden birds, they are declining everywhere but at least we still have Matt Sewell’s enchanting and bittersweet little book, Our Garden Birds, a bird for every week of the year.


This lovely watercolour is not in the book, it was donated by Matt Sewell to raise funds for the Somerset Badger Group, which is working for alternatives to the nasty culling practice. The first time I traveled to England I had never seen a badger in my life, nor a starling.


Now a praise to Luke Pearson. The latest installment of the Hilda saga, Hilda and the Bird Parade, happens to be amazing. Read this on a Sunday before a long working week.