Bruno Bozzetto

A few days ago I was able to meet a hero of my childhood, Bruno Bozzetto. As much as I loved classic Disney films and anime, to me there was nothing like Bruno Bozzetto’s work. It was funny, it was sad, it was beautiful and haunting, and contained a sense that you have a right and a duty to know the truth and to say what you think about it

You’re not the only outcast out there, you know.


My first contact with Bozzetto was with his masterpiece, Allegro non troppo, which is like Fantasia, except that it may accidentally change your life (especially if you’re about six). It was the early Eighties and Allegro non troppo was being aired on tv.

This is the Valse Triste (Sibelius) episode.

is Bolero. I recommend you watch it right away because this one is not easy to find online and it may disappear without notice. You don’t want to miss it.

On a lighter note (so to say), Bozzetto has been working a lot on parodies of Italian society, especially with the Signor Rossi series and he’s not finished yet (you may have seen the Italians vs Europe piece).

This is Life in a Tin which is truly universal, when we meet aliens at last we can show them Life in a Tin and they will understand, no need of Star Trek equipment.

While this is Il Signor Rossi a Venezia.

I hope you like them.