Otters May Have Shifted During the Flight

When I selected Otter Country – In Search of the Wild Otter from the book shelf at Rough Trade East, I was just expecting a good book about conservation. It quickly turned out to be an amazing reading, so I searched the author and I discovered Miriam Darlington is also a prize-winning poet.


It was at that point that, to my utter bewilderment, I came across a page dealing with otters flying on a small charter plane.

On the aeroplane Mij was so distressed inside his box that the kind but misguided stewardess suggested he travel in Maxwell’s lap. She evidently knew nothing about otters and laps: “He dodged my fumbling hands with eel-like wriggle and disappeared at high speed down the fuselage of the aircraft.”

Any wild animal released into an aircraft cabin would cause some degree of confusion, but an otter more than most.

I won’t type more, in compliance with copyright laws, but you can already see by yourself that Captain Crieff is damn right to ban otters in the flight deck at all times, no matter how hypothetical they are.

Otter Country makes mandatory reading for the otter-obsessed, for backcountry enthusiasts as well as Cabin Pressure fans, and I would recommend it especially to RedSchalarch, the brilliant author of Otters who looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.