More Than Just a Princess

I came across this Goldie Blox ad the other day, have a look at it.

It’s bland and politically correct, but it does feature a few interesting ideas.

First of all, girls are as mad as boys. They are. They will steal your hammer and tools and they will nail their brand-new ballet slippers to a skateboard before riding it down the street. It will be dangerous and it won’t make any sense, but playing is primarily about having fun, while learning comes naturally as a Darwinian consequence.

I like an inspirational toy that focuses on having mad fun.

I wonder if the girl was going to take her first ballet class soon. The slippers are clearly new, as the elastic straps have not been sewn yet and the drawstring are not clipped properly – no ballet teacher would allow that and no ballerina would go around with shoes in such state, not even to nail them to a skateboard. I hope she will also go to ballet class, in between stealing hardware and ruling the street (she will need new slippers though), you see, in my opinion ballet should be compulsory for both boys and girls at primary school (yes like in Soviet Russia).

Secondly, I like that the other girl makes the teddy bear wear goggles (you should always take care of your teddy bear), and I hope the next ad will feature a girl in a biggles hat building a flying machine (apparently anything aviation is presently targeted for boys, in spite of Porco Rosso)

I doubt this is disrupting the pink aisle, though, as it claims to be doing. But then again, better a gendered construction toy than no construction toy at all.