Yellow Helicopters

So the first time I ever listened to Welcome to Night Vale episode 19 I was dozing in the impossibly small economy seat of a reasonably priced intercontinental flight. Imagine that. Wait, first, you have to know I fly all wrapped up in a pink-orange silk scarf. It’s a tip I got from a frequent flier and it does wonders in preventing sore throat, cold nose, and dry lips.

Now you can imagine, go on. A mummy wrapped in pink-orange silk, half asleep in the gestation crate of an intensive pig farm (this is the debatable yet effective simile Humane Society came up with in a recent campaign).

So, I was listening to the entire series of Welcome to Night Vale in order to catch up with episodes 10-20 especially and fill in the gaps.

I wake up, slowly, to the voice of a stranger. I wake up, I scramble for the ipod and it says 19B and the colours on the cover image are all wrong. I wake up and it’s dark, well it’s always dark on intercontinental flights of course. I wake up and I’m flying with 300+ hundred people and no one will listen to me.

No one will know, and if someone knows, it’s too cramped and dark to find them, and I’m still wrapped up in pink-orange silk anyway. I’m also barefoot and wearing a Cabin Pressure t-shirt.

In the mainstream world, no one can hear you scream.

Well it was damn scary. I am quite sure Joseph Fink did not intend for ep. 19 A and B to be experienced that way.