Chaturanga Vibe

I’ve recently discovered I’m an ashtanga yoga kind of person after all. I used to think ashtanga was for Western show-offs, so I must be one of them apparently. I should have known it.

I’ve been doing hatha yoga forever and I have some ballet experience, so I’m familiar with my muscle-skeletal self.

Ashtanga is like ok, let’s try and see what we can actually do with this body of ours.

I’m having a terrific time.

First lesson, I got myself a huge swelling/bruise on top of my left knee and somehow two smaller ones on the outer side. Right knee only a small bruise. I have no idea how it happened.

Second lesson, my elbows felt a little sore afterwards, maybe a little dry. Three hours later I discovered a round burn, 1 inch of diameter on my left elbow. Smaller one on the the right elbow. Burns! How did I get burns without even noticing? Am I becoming some kind of fakir? I showed the burns to the teacher before the next lesson and she said it can happen. A fellow practitioner commented that probably some other parts of my body were hurting a lot more than my elbows so I didn’t notice.

This notion of ashtanga practice increasing body heat is quite literal. You nearly catch fire actually. And concentrating is so easy that you may not even notice it.

Anyway, I have learned from the asymmetry of my injuries and I’m coming out unbruised and unburnt from more recent lessons. I have also abandoned socks and tops (not enough grip, too hot) in favour of a pedicure and sports bras (painted nails to admire while facing downwards, breeze).

I really have to try SUP yoga next time I have the opportunity.