Post Cabin Pressure Stress Disorder

I am so relieved John Finnemore has announced that Zurich will be the last of the Cabin Pressure episodes.

I have no expectations really, since the cliffhanger totally ruined the climax for me, it made it implode into an impasse, leaving all the characters in a no-win situation and suggesting the cliche that family is better than dreams (which it is actually, but still a spent cliche in modern narrative).

It’s totally unresolved narrative stress, I am so entitled to a refund!

What’s worse, the cliffhanger has given way to all the annoying gossip. Martin is being written out because Cumberbatch is to big now for radio. Martin will be replaced by Herc for a fifth season. If Cabin Pressure ends we are all going to die Martin can’t be so cruel to make Cabin Pressure end by accepting the Swiss Air job. Which is total nonsense, but after months and months of this fandom crap I was starting to worry.

I cannot get why everyone seems to want Cabin Pressure to continue when it’s entirely against the direction the plot has taken in series four. The story is clearly leading everyone to Switzerland. Neutral Switzerland provides external conflict in series four, as the characters are friends now, they are family indeed but you still need conflict as narrative engine. So Switzerland, Princess Theresa of Lichtenstein nearby, jobs at Swiss Air for both Herc and Martin (and Carolyn would make a brilliant executive), Toblerones for Arthur and it can’t possibly be a coincidence that Douglas in Helsinki mentions a friend in Zurich.

He may wish to show his gratitude by presenting me with assorted fish, and fish products, which would be just the very thing for a friend of mine in Zurich. They’re rather short of fresh seafood in Switzerland…don’t know why.

If John Finnemore had wanted Cabin Pressure to continue, he wouldn’t have written season four the way he wrote it. I’m glad John Finnemore kind of confirms.

Narration needs form, form to rely on and form to be disrupted. Nobody needs BBC drama bot 5000.

And we all know too well what happens when series are watered down and stretched for commercial reasons, they become stale and you feel sorry for the characters trapped inside them. I distinctly remember supporting a campaign one decade ago called “For Mulder and Scully Six is Enough”! We raised money for Amnesty or something. We did not succeed.

Listen to a trekkie. Don’t you know that all good things must come to an end? Don’t you know that what you were, and what you are to become will always be with you?

Anyway, I’m not exactly confident I’m going to like Zurich. Let’s see how it turns out. I’m already listening to Yverdon cutting the entire final dialogue between Martin and Arthur because it makes me furious. I may as well ignore Zurich if it offends me.

I’m confident it won’t be worse than a Downton Abbey Christmas special anyway.

More on my emotionally twisted relation with Cabin Pressure.


Alighiero Boetti
Jigsaw from a series produced in 1994 for Austrian Airlines based on one of Boetti’s works, Cieli ad alta quota (High skies) 1993