As a teenager I went through an Escher phase, I don’t know if that’s common, I would say it is. Anyway, when this retrospective exhibition came to town I wasn’t particularly excited, what I feel about Maurits Cornelis Escher today is that I don’t need to be staring into Relativity any further at least for some time.

Nevertheless, this playful and varied exhibition admittedly looked appealing and I was promised some Piranesi, so I went in the end, which was good because I discovered I wasn’t at all familiar with Escher’s works inspired by his travels across Italy. They really show how the idea of warped landscapes is already there the small Medieval towns perched up high on their hills.

While the highlight of the of the exhibition was definitely Metamorphosis II, I found myself captivated by a rather minor print I did not remember, Three Worlds.


Also I took note of my personal long-time connection with Other Worlds.
Look at the planets.