Show and Tell

Some products I’m testing.

Lush Dream Cream


This is excellent against the winter cold, unless you seriously hate lavender.

Lancôme Hypnôse by Alber Elbaz


This one is sweet and if you forget to remove it it won’t stain your pillow, it will just crumble into fine dry dust.

I dislike waterproof mascaras because removing them is complicated and time consuming. The downside is that a non-waterproof mascara may draw attention in a number of situations, for example, if you wear one to a wine tasting involving more than five reds, or if you have an excellent night out and happen to laugh too much, or if you go to a Nick Cave gig, well, it will show, in the end.

Butter London Racing Green

Amazing colour, great texture, ideal for ashtanga yoga (where you spend hours staring at your toes), but boy it stinks and for days. Maybe 3-free varnishes are more smelly because they have to compensate for the absence of carcinogens?