Many Happy Returns

I’m never tired of the Sherlock mini-episode. You can watch it over and over, it’s short, no harm done to your daily routine, chores or errands, it’s funny, bittersweet, above all, it’s canon. I like canon. Oddly canon, which is my favourite kind of canon.

So Anderson is reformed and obsessed, not to mention his hair.

Lestrade is gorgeous.

John is fit in trim, in a modern flat full of light, old mug on the coffee table, but he does have an interesting wallpaper and wait, was it a small groan of knee pain when sitting down to watch the video message (min. 4:41) ? Heartbreaking.

I can’t wait to see Mary and the chemistry. I can’t wait to see the reunion. Fastidious as I am, I’m pretty sure I’m so going to love the reunion. I mean, I saw what happened on the setlock, red herring or not, and look at Martin Freeman here. It can’t possibly be less than perfect. It’s going to be a feast.