The Rehearsal

When Eleanor Catton won the Man Booker Prize I researched her and I was delighted to find out that she’s from New Zealand. My local public library has a lovely copy of The Rehearsal available so I started from that (the one with the girl in green).


I loved it, I loved the concept, I loved the execution, I loved the characters, I loved that you’re part of the performance as a a reader.

I was surprised to read more than a review where this novel is regarded as brilliant and crafty but ultimately cold. On the contrary, I was totally drawn in and I connected with Stanley, sometimes even painfully, the guy at drama school negotiating his being an actor.

There’s a question that has been on my mind for long time. What you learned in acting class, can you use it in your everyday life? Isn’t it cheating? Is it even legal? Attempts to answer this question are rare, experimental (like in this case), and I suspect it may even be a bit of a taboo.

Luminaries is next.