Wait! A Linguist!

Watching Sherlock deducing Mary frame by frame I had noticed “linguist” of course but it was “liar” that mostly caught my attention, which later together with CAM’s telegram led me to my deductions yesterday.


As I may have mentioned before, I am a computational linguist, of sorts. Which is basically why I overlooked “linguist”, it’s routine stuff for me. But earlier this evening, while I was in the office and packing my things for the week end, the notion suddenly hit me. Wait! A linguist! What does a linguist do for a living, outside academia? Well, believe it or not, linguists tend to end up working in intelligence.


Maybe Mary used to work with Mycroft, and that would be why he avoided the wedding. He did not want to meet Mary in front of Sherlock, and Sholto could be involved as well. If Mary is being blackmailed by Milverton/Magnussen about classified information, even John, as a former Army doctor, could be involved somehow.

Since “His Last Bow” is about retrieving classified government information, that would make sense.

Linguists may as well become disillusioned with linguistics and/or intelligence at some point and end up training as nurses. A former colleague of mine is a part time interior designer now. But they won’t forget about code (skipcode, source code etc).

In the new trailer we see a Lady Eva Blackwell being blackmailed by Milverton/Magnussen and turning to Sherlock Holmes for help, it’s canon. We also see Mycroft threatening Sherlock about messing with Milverton/Magnussen, which would indicate a case of sensitive information, or even that Milverton/Magnussen is in the position to damage Mycroft. Maybe Milverton/Magnussen as well was working for Mycroft at some point.

Add some drugs, possibly Sherlock seducing Milverton/Magnussen’s maid or footman or the other way around or whatever (canon anyway), and here we have our episode.

Unfortunately, none of this sounds mind blowing enough for this upcoming Bow. We’ve been promised something incredibly mind blowing, while the subtext screams flashback.

A unifying factor is missing. Mike Stamford maybe? John’s therapist?

Who is going to die? Mary? Canon. Mycroft? Not canon, but there’s the Redbeard thing. Lestrade? Molly? Please no.

I’ll admit I’m getting a little obsessed. But it’s either deduction, or considering the implications of Sherlock pasting John’s face on Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man.