The Thing Next Month

I grew up as a (wannabe) athlete during the Cold War and I used to hate Olympic boycotts. Sport had to remain pure and I deemed it unfair to deny athletes the opportunity to shine based on their nationality. On my first day at high school, when the unfortunate teacher asked me to tell the class about my summer, I gave a speech about the Seoul Olympics and how it was encouraging that USSR and USA were both there but still no North Korea so we could not be completely happy. It may not have earned me the sympathy of the teacher (oh well), but it made wonders for my social life, people still talk about that speech. I was so very Decoubertinian.

But I’ve changed my mind since. I now see how the Olympics are a damn good occasion to take a political stand. I’ll concede it’s still unfair as regards the athletes, but it’s such a good occasion, they will understand.

I was not happy about Sochi hosting the Winter Olympics right from the start, mainly for environmental concerns (urbanization of pristine wilderness). But things got worse and worse over the years, from LGBT rights to the Circassian genocide, from the damage to the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve to the capture of wild transient killer whales, you name it, if there’s a cause you’re involved with, it is most certainly on the nightmare list.

Sochi Olympics are basically the celebration of Putin’s politics so I would rather avoid them completely (sorry Evgeny).

Therefore my personal boycott is going to consist in a lack of coverage. I will only post a single untagged photo of my beloved Yuzuru Hanyu, no matter if he wins a medal or not (I am still very Decoubertinian after all, and I owe to the athletes).