Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever

At the beginning I though I was watching a parody, there are so many parodies of Dove campaigns out there, then I realized it was the real thing, the new ad, Beauty Patches.

Several clueless women are instructed by a medical doctor to wear a patch on their arm that will make them feel more beautiful. Of course they wear it immediately without questioning the stupidity of the idea nor the chemicals involved.

On the first day they think they look horrendous as usual, but as days go by they start to feel much better, such a boost in their self-esteem, and in the end they’re sooo happy with themselves. They’re back and the doctor reveals there was nothing in the patches, they were just a pacebo. The hopeless women are not offended at all, on the contrary, they even declare it a life changing experience.



Like what you find inside your head. You should all stick the patch to your forehead, so that we can see the Nothing. label from a distance and stay clear, especially the Mad men who wrote this campaign.

To be honest I still believe this to be a parody, with paid actresses. The creatives must have though, let’s see how far we can push this patronizing thing, it will be fun, and if they find out that we are downright insulting them, we can still say we are actually being self-ironic, it will be very postmodern.

This is my hope. While I wait for the parodies to appear on YouTube, it should be a matter of a few days.