He Is Holding a Cat

So how did you like the last couple of episodes of Welcome to Night Vale? Did you know that Khoshekh means darkness in Hebrew?

I love the epic turn the series has taken, especially in #48 Renovations. To me it’s always been about living in a community, absurd and surreal and mad as our communities are, and being able to tell right from wrong.

Something is right, something is wrong but you can manage to a certain extent, something is definitely wrong and you have to fight it. You decide.

We tend to believe what we are told, we tend to assume what we see around us is perfectly ok, but very often it is not, very often it is plain wrong and we don’t even notice for centuries, take the history of science, take the history of slavery, take my colleague who is reading Never Let Me Go and still hasn’t realized something is slightly out of place in that boring recollection of school days.

To me, the whole Desert Bluffs arch is about being able to recognize cruelty when we see it, even in the context of absurdity and surreal madness and loss and bliss that is our everyday life.