I am delighted that Moffat and Gatiss understand fandom and engage in participatory culture. Take Many Happy Returns. Take Molly. Take John having teacups for his eyes. It can’t possibly be a coincidence, the universe is rarely so lazy. They must have researched the most popular fanfic to date (The progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom, although I prefer the Paradox series by wordstrings) and read the first couple of paragraphs.

Strange dream lingers: John with teacups for eyes, disposable razor blades for fingers: disturbing


I find myself intrigued by TJLC (The JohnLock Cospiracy) but I think we are all basically toying with the subtext, both authors and fandom, meaning, in my opinion TJLC is not going to happen.

A few days ago BBC announced officially that the fourth series is scheduled to start filming early next year and Moffat and Gatiss said it will be shocking, surprising and unexpected. Amanda Abbington promtly confirmed.

Well, filming early 2015 is exactly what we were thinking, so not a big surprise, though I’ll admit it is nice to have an official date. But what can possibly happen in series four to shock and surprise us and to deserve the term unexpected? I mean, we clearly, as a fandom, possess a fully developed talent for suspending disbelief, while the story was written one century ago and the series has been true to it so far.

How do you mean unexpected? Dragons AU? Omegaverse? Fem!Sherlock?



If we were to take Moffat and Gatiss seriously on this, it would mean TJLC is going to happen after all. Now, that would be unexpected.

Or maybe they were just talking to the general public, those who did not like series three because it wasn’t procedural enough and too postmodern for the contemporary taste.

Who knows.