Alone with the Moon

I was ready for heavy rain last night in Ferrara, according to the weather report and with all my obsession for rainforests and marshes. So my outfit as follows: docs, minidress in technical fabric that dries up in no time, light discardable blouse, leather jacket, docs.

I hate waterproof mascara and I though Blixa would bee ok with smudged eyes.

The people at the weather report always exaggerate though. Exaggerating boosts visits on the website apparently, and these times a few dark clouds are enough for people to panic and cause a car accident (you can hear ambulances well before it start to rain, and then in half an hour you get a biblical flood).

Instead we had just a few drops of rain during the gig but alas no supermoon. Blixa was wearing a quietly glittering dark suit, it would have shined under the moon, pity.

Teho Teardo was in black, and so were the celloist Martina Bertoni and the young string quartet.

No need to say it’s been delightful.

The fact is I learned German because I had this ambition, of being able one day to sing along to Blixa Bargeld. Little did I know that, one day, Blixa would have learned Italian in turn.