My favourite kind of Cumberbatch happens to be the Gingerbatch. Unfortunately I can’t have a Sherlock and a Gingerbatch at the same time, because the lovely auburn hair takes months and months to grow back after being dyed black. So I think the long hiatus between Sherlock seasons serves me well to bring back the Gingerbatch, unless some other tricologically demanding job comes around, like Assange (white) or Kahn (black extensions).

Th Emmies were good. I don’t care a great deal about the Emmies to be honest, but it was undoubtedly nice that they thought of Cumberbatch, Freeman and Moffat, good shot. It’s a pity Cumberbatch decided not to attend it (well we can’t deny Lorne Malvo is scary), I would have loved a Gingerbatch in Spencer Hart.


Anyway, with my tickets for Hamlet 2015 already secured, I’m now comfortably set to wait for a Gingerbatch on stage. The kid in the official Barbican image is ginger, isn’t he. And with Sherlock being filmed earlier in the year, there’s all the time for the auburn hair to grow back.

I had never bought a ticket 13 months in advance, but then again, you need to book 2 months in advance to have a tea at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium (London’s only neko café – but you can see the cats in the window if you’re lucky and they decide to go to sleep there) so I guess it’s ok, it will give me the time to make ready for both.