Planet of the Pudding Brains

I’ve never been a huge Doctor Who fan, always been more the trekkie girl, but I do recognise a good hype when I see one. I was just in Cardiff one month ago when I bumped into Peter Capaldi and I found myself surrounded by a crowd of fans. It was a nice surprise and I even felt a bit guilty because I don’t really care much about the Doctor while so many people do and I was at the event and they weren’t.  What’s aggravating this is that I also walked past the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay without going in, but I’m sure my spot was taken by someone who actually deserved it.


Anyway, Peter Capaldi is a handsome man and he’s silvery in a metallic way, under the Cardiff sun. I know Cardiff is normally quite gloomy, but it was perfectly sunny this August, to welcome me, Peter Capaldi and friends.

Now the first episode. The new Doctor is endearing, all confused and cynical, Victorian London is Victorian London and I always love a pastiche, but dinosaurs honestly. I told you, not a big fan.

But you know what, after the mostly depressing OITNB, second season significantly more depressing than the first, I really needed something cheery and comfortable such as the story of a weathered alien in a steampunk London with a sad dinosaur and a lizard Holmes. A bit like coming home.