Fifteen Days Out in South Wales

Since Wales enjoys independence within the United Kingdom as regards environmental politics, it is currently one of the countries in Europe with the most advanced conservationist policies.

There are so many natural reserves and beautifully muddy marshes you couldn’t possibly visit all of them in your entire lifetime. The scenery from the coastal path is magnificent and virtually endless, because walking it requires four months so the season will have changed in the meanwhile and therefore the scenery. Badgers are vaccinated against tbc instead of being culled. And you probably won’t see an otter since they are nocturnal, but you will see the perfect otter habitat, just when you thought the perfect otter habitat no longer existed.

A great spot for outdoor enthusiasts and treehuggers extraordinaire, for their summer holidays.

I would like to start my Fifteen Days Out in South Wales series with the humblest of features, two of the insects hotels we have photographed to gather ideas for our own mason bees population (currently sleeping in their nests). The first is in the Teifi Marshes, the other in the Breacon Breacons.