The Hardships of the Yard

Globe On Screen dvds are so relaxing to watch. You completely forget about the hardships of the yard, queuing up to be in the front rows, standing for three solid hours, enduring rain and hail, the helicopters, eating nothing but cookies during the whole process.


I was watching The Tempest the other day, enjoying the play again this time from the couch a year later and yet something was missing of course and that something was personal direction, being there and being able to observe  a character in the background, someone you are not supposed to be looking at during a scene, Prospero when he checks on Miranda from the balcony, or Ariel when he spies on humans.

Anyway, the play benefits greatly from the absence of aircraft noise. I don’t know if they were able to cancel it on the dvd or if the airspace was closed for the day (I doubt it), but when I was there I witnessed Roger Allam having to shout to be heard above the helicopters, which was frustrating and also a bit ridiculous because he is skygod Douglas Richardson.