Tate to Tate

When visiting the LACMA in the summer of 2013 I had no idea the exquisite Matisse exhibition was just an appetizer to the Cut-Outs event at the Tate Modern the next year.

Of course I love The Sheaf, The Snail and Oceania, and the blue nudes obviously, but it’s the Jazz series that fascinates me and it was quite a shock to find it at the crowded beginning of the exhibition. I guess it makes sense, because of the chronological order and because the more peaceful rooms at the end are more suitable for the large works transmitting such a sense of clarity, but still, I wasn’t expecting to meet Icarus right away after queuing up at the ticket booth.


It’s an ongoing dialogue among art venues, with Alex Katz traveling from Tate St. Yves (2012) to Tate Modern (2014), so many Rothko moments (LACMA, Milan Palazzo Reale, Tate Modern), and now a Late Turner at the Tate Britain which reminds me that I haven’t visited the National Gallery in quite some time.