Poor Yorick


The EuroAirDotCon in Milan last month was an old-school, very geeky minicon. It reminded me of local Star Trek evens I used to attend twenty years ago or so. It was endearing and not at all the place for discontent so we all respectfully avoided the elephant in the room.


John Finnemore may not have written Macbeth, and yet I haven’t recovered from the last line of Yverdon yet. So upon being informed by Finnemore himself, in person, that Zuerich is going to be a two-parter, to be aired on the 23rd and 24th of December, I silently decided to avoid listening to it live, to minimize the risk of a ruined Stille Natch. I will deal with it on Christmas Day, once the magic’s gone.

There’s nothing I can do about it, I despise cliffhangers, they collapse emotions and implode stories, the longer the iatus the more I hate them, and in this case it’s been nearly two years. You may wonder why I’m so cool with Sherlock instead, but that’s obviously because I’ve already read all the canon stories twenty five years ago, so to me there’s no cliffhanger at all.

Zuerich is probably going to be a good episode, technically. Those who were at the recording said it’s “deeply satisfying, emotionally speaking”, which is a weird way of phrasing “I loff it, two F’s” in my opinion, but still.  Adding that I have never ever encountered a cliffhanger resolution able to score better than “thanks god now we can forget about the stupid cliffhanger and move on with the story”, my final approach is going to be very guarded. If I don’t like it then I don’t like it, and Cabin Pressure to me is going to end with Yverdon, minus the last line.

Anyway, the other day I was talking with my father, who used to be a pilot, and I asked his opinion about how to reassure people who are afraid of flying, and he suggested explaining lift like his:

it’s like when you swim in the water

The next time I see him, I’ll ask him if he’s still reading David Forster Wallace all the time.