Tui, Robin and Starling (Not a Bird-Watching Post)

So apparently we are gonna have a second season of Top of the Lake, which is good news. New Zealand is often good news, the first country to have universal suffrage, but not always good news because of sand mining, the nearly extinct Maui dolphin, the struggling native birds and so on (but even then, they do have Rastovich).

Now, I enjoyed Top of the Lake more than one is supposed to and in ways that probably not even Campion could predict. First of all I did not find it disturbing at all, which is probably the reaction of a sociopath but c’mon, the whole thing is made up you know, and frankly I was so happy to see all the reference to Silence of the Lambs that I had not time at all to feel the shaky ground. Secondly, I delved into the accents because it was what I was doing in NZ all the time, once I realized that it is perfectly normal for a kiwi person to speak in a Scottish accents when the neighbor sounds vaguely Aussie, in the next house they eat iggs for brikfast and on tv a vessel is a vssl.

To be honest I don’t need more Top of the Lake, I feel the story was pretty much conclusive in itself, but I’m happy to have more, especially I’m happy to have more Silence of the Lambs, which was a crucial film for me as a teen, like Another Country, Withnail&I, Dead Ringers and The Big Chill (the sun shone on my face).

Ah The Silence of the Lambs, the one that made sweating in the wood cool, sexy and the sign of a driven personality. Only now you wear workout tanks all the time instead of cotton sweaters so the sweat does not show, which is a pity.