Fifteen Days Out in South Wales – Llanelli

It’s about marshes again, but at the same time it’s not.

WWT Llanelli is a special place of course because it protects a large area of the sensitive Burry Inlet, not to mention the lovely collection. Imagine it in the Autumn, during migration.

If you stare long and hard at their sightings updates, and you squint a little, and you have a lot of imagination, maybe you can see it.

Anyway my favourite spot at WWT Llanelli must be the black poplars wood. They’re declining trees in UK, so rare and sparse that they are no longer able to pollinate in the wild. Carmarthenshire has a conservation program for them, so the small wood in Llanelli is precious.

Black poplars used to be grown as living supports for vineyards here in Italy, but this is no longer profitable so they were felled or what’s left of them is a still living but heavily pruned stump. Sometimes you can find young black poplars in urban parks. So I had never been in a mature black poplars wood before Llanelli.

If it’s late afternoon and the center has closed already, and you’re still in because you know that there’s a special gate that closes one hour later than the center itself, go into the black poplars wood, there’s a path.

It’s a bit like a place in the Middle Earth.