For what is worth, I hope Carolina Kostner’s doping ban will be lifted.

She probably knew Schwazer was not clean, for sure she lied to WADA, but 4 years is way too much. Schwazer himself, who is the one who actually took the EPO, got 3 years so it makes no sense! Of course I get it would be a symbolic move against the very network that allows doping into the sports system, which is made of conniving relationships at all levels. And you should never lie to WADA, lying to WADA is very bad. But 4 years is simply too much.

More on politics, I totally support Yuzuru Hanyu on his decision to skate the Cup of China and at the NHK trophy after the awful collision. Once cleared by the medical staff, it can be only his own decision and we should all shut up.

There was this coming-of-age moment yesterday when he said during press time the tournament in Japan made it clear that I can be weak psychologically.

I think when you’re young, the moment you stop being fearless is truly terrifying, it comes with self-awareness which is good for you, but in a way you’re going to miss your fearless self for the rest of your life.

So much drama already and it was supposed to be the slow-starting, unimportant season after the Olympics. Let’s cheer up with this cute fanart I found, of carefree seasons past that now seem a really long time ago.


But still, the future is bright. So many competitions await us, and with a little bit of luck I may be able to attend one sometime and a throw a Winnie the Pooh on the ice.

I normally don’t care for animated gifs, I find them quite annoying actually, but here he’s doing an outside spread eagle after landing too. It’s a mesmerizing 3A, even to me that I’ve seen thousands. I’ll have to admit it even leaves me a bit shaken, every single time.


Again about art, this season I have made a new discovery, excellent dance pair Papadakis Cizeron. They turned senior last year and they are improving tremendously. They are magnificent, enjoy.