The Cabin Pressure Spoilers – You’ve Been Warned

After this extremely annoying wait following the hideous cliffhanger roughly two years ago, we’ve got a few spoilers for Zurich at last.

One of the most popular radio sitcoms of the past 10 years bows out with a special double episode.

In this first instalment, Martin decides whether to take his new job. Is this the end for MJN Air? And just what has Arthur painted on the side of the van?

With the show titles running alphabetically from the first ever episode, Abu Dhabi, through to this double finale, Zurich, the cast and crew of MJN Air have discovered that whether it’s choosing an ice-cream flavour, putting a princess in a van or remembering your grandmother’s name, no job is too small, but many, many jobs are too difficult.

With Stephanie Cole as Carolyn Knapp-Shappey; Roger Allam as 1st Office Douglas Richardson; Benedict Cumberbatch as Capt. Martin Crieff; John Finnemore as Arthur Shappey; Anthony Head as Captain Hercules ‘Herc’ Shipwright; Matilda Ziegler as Princess Theresa; Timothy West as Gordon Shappey; Dan Tetsell as Karl; Gordon Kennedy as Bruce Fraser; and Jonathan Kydd as The Auctioneer.

With special guests including Anthony Head and Timothy West. Written by John Finnemore.

Producer/ David Tyler for Pozzitive Productions

So the ice-cream van. In 03×06 St. Petersbourg (my favourite episode), Carolyn mentions that by selling GERTI she would get the money to buy an ice-cream van and Arthur is thrilled at the idea. There is an auctioneer in the cast, as well as Gordon who really really wants GERTI, so apparently they’re going to sell GERTI and get the ice-cream van after all, unless BBC is being deliberately misleading. Actually, they already have a van, because if Martin takes the Swiss Air job (which of course I hope he will), he will have to sell the van and of course he can’t give it to Simon who will lose interest in a month. So Arthur can have it, he just needs to repaint it, from Icarus Removals to I don’t know (slightly-off Disney characters come to mind). Maybe he could sell a Toblerone flavoured ice-cream! To be honest, I was hoping Arthur would end up working for Toblerone at the headquarters in Bern, but the ice-cream van is ok with me, look at this. And anyway he could still be working for Toblerone, testing the new Toblerone ice-cream on the road.

I still don’t understand exactly why they need to put Theresa in the van, but it’s ok as long as Theresa remains in the show and in Martin’s life.

As for Carolyin, I hope she becomes an executive at Swiss Air. I don’t know about Douglas, for sure he was neglected in season 4 and left in a sad situation. The only hope we have is the friend in Zurich he mentions in Helsinki.