Well, last month Yuzuru Hanyu had a scary injury, then he discovered that he can be psychologically weak, yesterday he said he has not completely recovered yet, but he clearly did not allow any of this to stand in the way of him winning the Grand Prix Final with a stunning 288.16 which made the other skaters’ scores completely irrelevant.

Always wondered what a quad looks like when it’s landed properly? This is how it’s done.

Behold, the details!


For all this time we’ve been looking back at Torvill and Dean when our tired eyes needed beauty and perfection, and we still do, but I think that soon, very soon, Yuzuru Hanyu is going to deliver the new key routine for this sport. He’s so close already.

And no one will dare mention Winter, ever again.

In the meanwhile, please find some crazy charity merchandising here, including phone covers inspired by Yuzuru’s costumes, like the infamous one designed by Johnny Wier to win a gold in front of Vladimir Putin (HA!).