20000 Days on Earth

Not a biopic then, but a dialogue, sometime intimate, sometime fictional, sometime imaginary, about memory and our own personal history.

Only at the end, while the camera was sailing away from Brighton beach, it occoured to me that it was Nick Cave who taught me front row in the first place. It was 1993, a small venue and not even sold out I think. Me and friend F. worked our way to the front fairly easily and there we were, right before Cave and Blixa. They were mostly keeping to themselves back then but with the occasional interaction. It was the first time I was so close to the performers. I never left really.

So it’s amazing that Nick Cave is talking the front row now, because it’s something that we all created along the way.


Now, Brighton is exactly as it’s depicted in the movie but does Warren Ellis really live in a fairytale cottage with a view on the cliffs of Dover? Was it a metaphor of something? And what about the eel he cooks for Cave? Lunch or metaphor? And was that a side of seaweed? Everybody says it was black pasta, but that’s seaweed if you ask me, a side of kelp.

20,000 Days on Earth

And new cars keep fogging up because they are more insulated than before, even Jaguars apparently, but does Cave really type using two fingers on a typewriter, in a small darkened room, surrounded by antiques?

20,000 Days on Earth

And does Cave really talk editing with an imaginary Blixa when he drives alone? Well, actually I think he does.

Anyway, having a personal archive with actual people working there must be fantastic.