After careful consideration, much thinking and multiple listenings, I’m now clearing Zurich for landing. It is absoltely perfect in every part and I have no complaint whatsoever.


It’s only that I really really hate cliffhangers in commercial entertainment, so I certainly did not enjoy the process.

So from this moment on I’ll just pretend that none of this ever happened, I’ll be listening to the entire season 4 like it was broadcasted from Timbuktu to Zurich directly without any of the annoying fuss.

Now I also understand why people who were at the recording last year were not describing Zurich as brilliant but more as satisfying, which was a bit alarming to be honest. But now I see what they meant. One does not feel happy while listening to Zurich, but calm resourceful and decisive.

Well, actually, one does feel happy for Martin Du Creff addressing the passengers on the Swiss Air flight.

Anyway, the horse dressing was the best.