At the beginning of a TRX class we are always asked to check the alignment of our body. Of course we do that mentally. I tend to use a Vaganova-based method, while Yuzuru Hanyu draws a rectangle touching his shoulders and hips (it’s not the sign of the cross he does when he enters the ice, nor an OCD ritual).

During Japan Nationals last week I was merely worrying about the 3Lz, while there was so much more at stake. My secret theory is that the 3Lz is suffering because Hanyu-senshu is now landing a 4Lz in practice so he needs to readjust the 3Lz as a consequence. I hear Brian Orser is working hard on the recordings to find what’s wrong exactly with the posture. Then during the FS the 4S came out as one of those disasters in London 2013, graceful and full of promises, when you couldn’t help screaming in front of the tv in pain and amazement. Following that, the 3Lz was good. Gold, no 4C, Worlds instead. Sounded fair.

Then suddenly the drama. Tatsuki Machina announcing his retirement (oh no), Yuzuru Hanyu announcing his hospitalization to have a mysterious intermittent abdominal pain investigated. Turns out he was already considering withdrawal after the SP (if my sources are correct), and his hand was resting on his belly for a reason when he left the ice after the FS. The next day, while we were all still catching our breath, the Japanese Federation informed us that surgery (hopefully laparoscopy) was performed on the same day of a diagnosis of urachal remnants, apparently unrelated to the collision of last November. Two weeks in hospital to be followed by four weeks of rest. Which means tedious inactivity (while I’m so lucky to get TRX classes), no hatsumode, no time for good old-fashioned training in Toronto as Orser calls it (when Javier Fernandez is already there), damaged core muscles [GLOM], then likely a rush to the Worlds. That’s too bad. But it could be worse. First of all it’s not skating-related (if we are to believe the Federation). I was so worried it could be skating-related. I would have hated both chronic injury and stress. Instead it’s congenital and minor, just like asthma, so I’m relieved. And anyway, we already knew it takes major earthquakes, bloody collisions, or anyway something like surgery to force this guy to get some rest.

I dare to call asthma minor and congenital because I have it too and I know very well it can be managed, especially in athletes. Nothing that can scare someone who can land a 4Lz, honestly. I barely jump at all on the ice (roller skater) and I’m not scared.


Now, going back to the alignment, everyone should take care of their core. A good core can make wonders for you, maybe you won’t land a 4L but still. If you’re too lazy to train your core this month, think of recovering Yuzuru Hanyu-senshuu forced to rest, and move.