Can we just summarize this, it’s very simple actually.

Schwazer is an athlete who took EPO, which means he is a disgrace to his country and sports in general. He was discovered in July 2012. He got three years of ban and had to skip London Olympics. In my opinion, he would have deserved 10 years plus a permanent ban on coaching.

Initially Schwazer stated that he was the only one involved, but at some point he declared that one day in 2012 WADA inspectors showed up at the door of his girlfriend’s apartment in Oberstdorf for a test. He was there but he asked Carolina to tell them that he was in Racine instead. She complied.

Now, for all you think about WADA, there is only one thing you have to keep in mind. Lying to WADA is bad. Don’t lie to WADA, don’t do that. Please.

We will never know why Carolina Kostner lied to WADA, if because she knew about the EPO, and in this case how much she actually knew, or if she just lied offhand because they were at her door and her boyfriend asked her too.

It doesn’t really matter, the point is that she lied to WADA and that’s a fact.

But this all became public only few months ago. How long have they known at CONI? The left her alone for years, allowing her to win a bunch of competitions in 2012-2013, to compete at Sochi and get a medal. It suspiciously looks like they were waiting for her to call off a competitive season to devote herself to shows, and only then they gave this dramatic stunt of bringing her in front of a court asking for 4 years of ban for lying to WADA. 4 years, when Schwazer, the one who actually took the EPO, got 3.

Why did Schwazer, a disgrace to his country and sports in general, only got 3 years? Do I have to believe they want him in Rio 2016?

I certainly don’t like the fact that Carolina lied to WADA, especially for someone like Schwazer, and especially when there are athletes like Nadal who gets constantly accused of doping by public opinion and yet they’ve had WADA inspectors practically camping in his backyard for years asking for body fluids at every hour of day and night. But 16 months of ban is too much. Her lawyer had asked for 6 months and that would have been too much anyway, in my opinion. To me, it should have been a symbolic ban, like 3 weeks, not more.

So of course I stand for Carolina.