Tomorrow Tessa&Scott premieres in Italy on NatGeo, the doc series about Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s road to Sochi.


I love Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, I’ve loved them from the very beginning. So this is a bittersweet season for me since they’ve turned pro now. Well Tessa&Scott was a bittersweet series last year already, because Sochi felt so final and Davies and White felt so irritatingly perfect. Davies and White are two amazing skaters but my heart won’t ever be theirs to claim.

Well of course until they end up coaching some stellar young skater, whose parents have not met yet, who will change the destiny of the sport. We’ve already been there, haven’t we, Brian Orser? You never know.

But for now, I worry about Tessa’s shins, about Scott’s back, I cheer for the goose lift, I cry watching Stay, and I cherish fond memories of seeing them in Turin in 2007 and being shocked at how they covered the ice and filled the space, up to the very ceiling of the Palavela. They ended up fourth but there are only two things I remember about that specific competition, one is that Isabel Delobel had a lovely costume, and the other is how stunning Virtue and Moir were.

Ice dancing always makes me sentimental. So what about defusing sentimentalism with this hilarious video where Tessa and Scott watch Yuzuru Hanyu skate at the 2013 Finlandia Trophy? Of course I feel a bit sorry for them here, of course I understand Patrick Chan is their old friend and team mate, and there’s that awkward situation of Brian Orser being Canadian himself, but look at them, that’s the exact moment in the history of figure skating when Chan’s era ended for good.

(I may sound harsh but friend S. stopped following male figure skating entirely during the Chan era)