I guess I enjoyed Cinderella. I never checked my watch oncee, Lily James was lovely, Sophie McShera was also lovely, they even had Downton servant bells. In addition to that, Cinderella wore blue ballet flats all the time, which was philologically interesting. Most importantly, they didn’t sing too much.


I appreciated that they kept the story true to the sources, while they still managed a modern touch in making the Maerchenprinz not a baddie this time but at least the awkward heir to a pretty but irrelevant kingdom.

Still I have a few complaints. I did not like the glass slippers. Sorry but my Barbie used to wear shoes like that in the early Eighties. Helena Bonham Carter was so kind to charm them to make them at least comfortable to wear, but they remained ugly. Sorry, so sorry. Also I wasn’t impressed by the ball gown. Fluffy but bland. Yuzuru Hanyu wears things like that all the time, he rocks them effortlessly, and without any CGI at all. He can even jump quads in them. But he will take an ordinary coach to the ice rink.


Anyway, I liked the wedding gown and the incongruous winter wedding, which I hope was an homage to both Frozen and Game of Thrones, or at least I like to consider them so.