Big Eyes

I’m fine with Tim Burton having his ups and downs in artistic life and I will always consider myself a fan. Often people tell me they’re fed up with Tim Burton, but I don’t feel like that at all. On the contrary, every time I find a small detail to treasure.

In Big Eyes it’s San Francisco. What’s spookier than a perpetually sunny, pastel-tinted San Francisco photographed in a warm light. It’s not only the suburbia from hell where Edward used to live, it’s more than that because Edward was supposed to be living basically in Burbank, which is actually sunny. While turning foggy San Francisco in that kind of burtonian place is an act of estrangement.

I like it.

Unfortunately the film as a whole does not work. All the elements are there, the dream, the nightmare, one’s place in the world, Burbank, the grotesque, the social justice, yet it lacks inner cohesion.

But what Burton is really doing here I believe is stepping out of the spotlight to honor an artist he loves and the role she played in his life, and this I think he was able do accomplish.