Patrick Chan, Champion of Poor Sportsmanship

After all the craze at the WTT15 with Hanyu’s casual 4Lo + 3A at the gala (not even during the gala, but while they were waving goodbye), after various informal announcement of new programs and old choreographers, with Grand Prix assignments to be announced next month, today in the skating world is the day of Patrick Chan’s ridiculous press conference where he basically says he’s been spending this sabbatical year doing extreme sports like skydiving (surfing is also mentioned), not watching skating competitions (just skimming and fast-forwarding to the jumps on YouTube) because basically no man could compare to his own stellar standards. Therefore he feels figure skating still needs him so he’s going to grace us with his presence next year, not to win “medals” for himself (of course, who cares about “medals” in elite figure skating) but for the sake of art.

As a die-hard Hanyu fan and supporter of Fernandez of course I find all this totally phony, but my opinion of Patrick Chan as a sportsman has always been very low. We could say it was already very low when Hanyu was still an infant and Team Orser only a vague idea in the back of the mind of Tracy Wilson. Patrick Chan’s utterances should be taught to junior athletes as examples of poor sportsmanship at all times.

And anyway surfing is not that “extreme”. Your life is not “on the line” when you surf. Most people can stand up safely if only they try, I can stand up myself, it’s not a big deal.

A 3A though, that’s not something most people can land properly, is it, Patrick Chan.