Season Finale


To sum up, a depressed Don Draper went to Esalen, did some newly branded TM and cynically invented the iconic Hilltop commercial for Coca Cola so many of us grew up with. Fair enough.

Meanwhile in Westeros a lot of things with no meaning whatsoever happened to random characters, because if life has no meaning then why should fiction be blessed with one.

As for Girls, I understand Hannah is now a teacher at Oberlin or whatever. I can’t stand Girls so I just watch one episode here and one episode there, but I did read Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl, albeit I’ll confess that it was so ugly that I had to skim through the final few pages. It’s not only ugly, it is also totally irrelevant. It’s basically a zero on the infamous Pritchard scale.

The point is I’m bored by Mad Men because it lacks a good bromance, but I do like the design, and Sally, and a skating Peggy. Similarly, I scoff at Game of Thrones because it’s useless, but I do like Daenery’s hair, and Melisandre’s. Oh I also like Peter Dinklage entirely.

But until a few weeks ago I could not fathom why I detest Girls. I was worried it could be maybe because I’m old and they’re young, or because I’m perpetually worried about money while they’re rich actresses. My initial theory was that I pity the character too much because they are so bleak in the face of their relatively privileged life so I get distracted by indignation. But now I know. Reading I’m Not that Kind of Girl actually opened my eyes. I detest Girls because I’m not in the least interested in the person of Lena Dunham. I can’t help it, I don’t care about her. I don’t care about her depressing childhood, her summer camp adventures, her quirky college life, her appalling diet. She does nothing to me (well, reading what she eats was admittedly painful). Of course I’m sorry about her endometriosis, but apart from that her life seems to me totally uninteresting, so I can’t be bothered to watch Girls which is basically Dunham’s life fictionalized. Don’t get me wrong. I like people with a large ego. It’s perfectly ok to have a large ego. But the only thing me and Dunham have in common is our gender, and gender is not a huge part of my identity so I find myself unable to connect here.

What do you like then, now that series are mainstream and you’re no longer the geeky trekker.

Well, I like Welcome to Night Vale. And Star Trek TNG reruns. I could listen to Serial‘s Sarah Koening all day, I’m mesmerized by her voice. I enjoyed Peaky Blinders the last couple of years. Also I’m not entirely against Modern Family (Phil especially). And I wait for the X-Files reboot with unfaltering faith.