Joyce Carol Oates (Life on Twitter)

The everyday life of the conservationist can be a frustrating mess. Bad news, more bad news, some more bad news, and then from time to time there’s something really funny.

People working with rescues actually need self-care to prevent compassion-fatigue.

And what’s better against a sad Twitter timeline than a good Twitter joke. Canned hunters posting selfies routinely get shamed on Twitter, and Spielberg made no difference when he posed next to the triceratop he had viciously killed. It was a fantastic joke when it turned viral last year. I myself believed it for a couple of seconds. It was good fun.

Only, apparently Joyce Carol Oates believed it long enough to tweet earnestly about it.


She later claimed she was joking, but honestly, I don’t believe a word. Famously Joyce Carol Oates does not like to check her sources, preferring the fictional truth to the facts, as I often point out when I talk about My Sister My Love. This may be acceptable in a novelist, as hopefully the readers will check the facts by themselves before embracing them, but often they won’t and this will lead to the unpleasant consequence of widespread ignorance.

Just like Oates did not bother checking out competitive figure skating before writing a 500 pages novel where she equates it to beauty pageants, this time she simply did not bother to have a look at the image she was retweeting to her 122K readers.

Anyway, this triceratop gaffe is delightful and it made my day.