I wasn’t sure I wanted to see B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin, because I always have this obnoxious approach that anyone who went to Berlin after I did  knows nothing, just like Jon Snow, especially Milleials, whereas of course I know everything so there’s no point in watching yet another documentary about the Berlin scene.

Obviously this is ridiculously aloof because of course I was late myself (I first went to Berlin in 1995) and I know nothing just like the next Jon Snow so I’m happy someone made a documentary about the Berlin scene of the Eighties for us Jon Snows of the world and of course I needed to see it so I actually went and saw it.

It’s a good one.

There’s Blixa, saying that no, he prefers to stay in West Berlin, he’s very busy and checkpoints are too much of a hassle.

And there’s an incredibly sweet moment, when we get to see a young Nick Cave wearing double denim. It’s not in the trailer, you need to see the full movie, forget the bespoke fusion tailoring of the Albert Hall, it’s double denim just like we used to wear when we were young.

Nick Cave has marked a long stretch of my life and I’ve loved him unconditionally along the way, for all the comfort, art and happiness he has conjured with his work.

I always say that to me the Nineties started the day Luke Cave was born, because it felt like that, living in the present.

The death of Arthur Cave, 15, is a tragedy beyond comprehension.