When In Flight by Mark Vanhoenecker came out in the New York Times last year I found it an amazing piece of writing, so of course I ended up reading the book. Skyfaring lives up to the expectations, only maybe it never peaks, I mean the narrative remains relatively flat, which was to be expected I believe. You rarely have a parabolic flight in commercial aviation, it happened to me only once actually, when we were very late on our leg from Bologna to Frankfurt and most of the passenger had connecting long-haul flights. What you normally do is you climb up, you keep at around 35 thousand feet for a while, then you approach and you land, don’t you.

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun reading this book which contains not only tons of aviation trivia, but also an amazing account of what it feels like to be flying commercial, both as a pilot and as a passenger. This was very reassuring to me because there are a lot of personal things about commercial flying that I cannot discuss with anybody because my father is a pilot but he has never flown commercial (only air force or recreational) and never long-haul, while most of the other people I know either don’t fly often or they only talk about cabin luggage, makeup (makeup, really?!), compression socks (reasonable but not very interesting), or they are worried about the plane crashing. So it’s nice to know that someone else is looking at the stars. Or the advection fog. Or sand, or waves.