Psychiatric side effects of Singulair are remarkably more common in children, and I am an old bat, therefore I am safe (except maybe the weird dreams). Nevertheless, I cannot avoid noticing the schizophrenic behaviors of the media. When I started taking Singulair, around year 2000, the leaflet mentioned no major side effects. A few years later, post marketing problems started to show up in the leaflet and they were admittedly scary. Stories could be found on the internet, of children becoming terribly depressed and wanting to die. The stories kept on coming, and a teenager actually committing suicide in the USA at some point. This year most of the reports are coming from Australia.

The scariest detail of this sad situation is that apparently a lot of children around the world are prescribed Singulair and they take it all year round, for years and years, with their parents believing it’s just a tablet against a bit of a cough. In Australia the Singulair box doesn’t even come with a leaflet.

This is appalling.

Maybe asthma awareness is more developed in Italy, but here being prescribed Singulair is a serious business that comes with a diagnosis of asthma symptoms and as a part of a therapeutic approach. Most people take Singulair only for a few months a year. I never took it for more than two months a year. Maybe Singulair is marketed in a less aggressive way here, I don’t know. But we’ve know about the side effects for at least a decade, it’s not something that has “emerged” after the patent expired, like some sources have suggested.

This emotional approach on the media worries me. If there is an over-prescription problem outside Europe, or a misleading marketing somewhere, or the communication between doctors and patients and family is somehow impaired in certain countries, these should be addressed as structural problems, not as sudden unexpected dangers.

Anyway, it’s obvious that society hates children. They’re the ones that suffer the most from bad air quality and nobody cares about air quality (according to adults, a mosquito free garden is more desirable than poison free air, smoking is cool, diesel is fast), children are put on a drug for years that may cause suicidal thoughts, and the pediatric version of this drug even contains aspartame (the version for adults does not, luckily for me).