I’m heading to Marseille in a couple of days for the GPF so wish me luck, because I don’t speak any French, the only realistic flight connection is with infamous Alitalia from Bologna through Fiumicino (sic), also the Palais Omnisport is apparently in the middle of a food desert and anyway I really really dislike butter.

They call the West Coast Trail gruesome, but coming to terms with civilization is not easy either.

Anyway, while I’m away, enjoy a few highlights from the GP season.

Shoma is fabulous (Rosetelecom Cup edition).

Kevin Reynolds is back (Skate Canada, of course)

The Chinese federation split Zhang Peng and re-assorted them with Jin Yu, obtaining excellent results in no time at all. I used to love them, they were so appealingly odd together, so now I’ll have to root for both couples I’m afraid.

Yu Zhang ended up winning the Cup of China.

While Jin Peng deserved a good second place at the NHK to secure the final. Aren’t they cute? This is a choreography by Lori Nicol and David Wilson. David Wilson did a splendid job also with Yuzuru’s EX this year, he’s riding a creative wave apparently.

Evegenia Medvedeva skates to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close this year (here at Skate Canada).

Mariah Bell did very well at Skate America.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are back and they are magnificent. Not sure about Scott’s new hairdo though. Anyway, to Japan they went and they scored a new world record. Easy.

As for Papadakis and Cizeron, they’re still beautiful and they rocked the Trophee de France obviously. I can’t wait to see them compete against Tessa and Scott. Oh my heart.

Yuzuru started his season slow, still injured and with a terrible white costume for his Prince SP, but at the NHK he was once again very close to perfection and the costume had turned appropriately lilac

The FS is called Hope&Legacy, music by Joe Hisaishi. You’ve certainly heard some his work because he’s the author of various scores of Ghibli movies, so there’s something familiar to this FS. But to Yuzu it’s the music he was listening to during Nagano’s Olympics, when he was very very young and he had just started skating. It’s meant to represent his life on the ice.

Unfortunately Savchenko and Massot withdrew due to injury and the same happened to Polina Tsurskaya from the junior event. At least now Nugumanova is in, you might remember about her.